We are driven to provide exceptional tax services, delivered in a highly personalized way. We have the experience of the big accounting firms, but without their bulk. Therefore we can move swiftly and confidently in order to manage the tax needs of multinationals, while providing unparalleled results.


As a team of professionals, we have more than 16 years of experience providing tax advisory services. Over the years we have gained the trust of customers, have gained a good reputation and provided a world-class service to our customers.


Our passion for tax law and commitment to our clients has earned us the International Acquisition Award for Malta Best Tax Advisory in 2014, by AI Global Media Ltd


Our vision is to provide exceptional accounting and tax advisory services to our clients by focusing on the needs of the business community. With this in mind we build long-lasting relationships, which deliver value and growth to our customers.


Through our continuous investment in technology, we succeed in maintaining high-quality standards and are at the forefront in presenting innovative solutions, which assures our clients that we are constantly focused on their needs.

We employ a unique, powerful blend of people, process and technology to provide a wide range of quantitative tax solutions and business advisory services for international and domestic businesses. Our specialized, turnkey combination of tax advisory services and business accountancy services equip businesses — from small organizations to enterprise-level corporations — with the quantitative analysis, computation, calculation and consulting they need to make their most profitable decisions.

We are committed to working closely with our clients to enable them to effectively respond to tax-saving opportunities and to help ensure their business is administrated to adhere to all compliance stipulations.


We believe that our team is the bedrock of our organisation and fundamental in reaching our goals. Our organisational structure promotes a business environment encouraging continuous career development and dedication towards our customers.


Malcolm Mejlaq

Founder and managing director of M.Meilak & Associates, and an accredited agent of many immigration and tax programs.


Daniela Mercieca

CPA and registered auditor warranted senior accountant with 14 years of audit experience. She deals with local and international clients.


Charmaine Xuereb

Accountant at M.Meilak & Associates since 2015, with 4 years of experience, dealing with local and international corporate clients.


Jelena Jovulov

Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business informatics technologies, she has 6 years of experience. She’s dealing with international corporate clients.


Lejla Dogic

Junior accountant at M.Meilak & Associates with more than 7 years of experience dealing with local and international clients.


Deirdre Griffin

Administrative Assistant at M.Meilak & Associates, dealing with clients at the front desk and responsible for administrative daily duties in the office.


Ruth Said

As an established member of the team, she takes care of everything in the office and helps all team members with various administrative tasks.


Gabriella Szrapko

Relocation expert and customer relations officer with 10 years of experience. She speaks German, French and Hungarian.


Marla Said

Receptionist at M.Meilak & Associates, with more than 3 years of experience. She deals with local non corporate clients and daily administration.