We work closely with our clients to enable them to quickly react to tax-saving opportunities, structure core operations around tax-efficiency concepts, and help ensure compliance with applicable local, national, and international tax administrations.

We advise and assist private individuals seeking tax advice on cross border tax implications on employment income, business profits, passive income, capital gains and other income.

Our services include:

  • preparation and submission to the Maltese tax authorities of private and corporate income tax returns;
  • liaison with the Maltese tax authorities on various tax issues;
  • provision of written tax advice on various complex tax issues;
  • advice on the most tax efficient tax structures to set up taking into account the particular facts and circumstances of our clients;
  • tax computations on business profits, capital gains and other income;
  • advice on allowable deductions, exemptions, cross border tax issues, double taxation treaty considerations and tax planning opportunities;
  • dealing with local tax authorities to obtain advance revenue rulings.

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