Our payroll bureau services are tailor made to suit the needs of various types of businesses. We are able to processes payroll for any business size.

Services include:

  • setting up and maintenance of employee records;
  • audit of any existing payroll systems;
  • processing of payroll, either monthly, weekly, fortnightly or four-weekly;
  • mailing of payslips including company logo and other custom made specifications as may be required;
  • maintenance of leave records, including part-timers;
  • payroll Statutory Administration:
    • monthly FS5 Reports;
    • annual FS3 and FS7 returns and reconciliation;
    • registration of joiners and leavers with ETC;
    • advice on Human Resources Statutory compliance, including Sickness/Injury leave, maternity leave and overtime compilation;
    • salary Direct Credit compilation, in accordance with the client’s bankers format, with the option of submitting pay instructions direct to the bank;
    • keeping up to date with new legislation concerning labour, tax and social security and COLA adjustments;
    • automatic storage and backup of company payroll data;
    • payroll is processed using accredited software and is managed by trained and qualified staff.

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