• Company Formation
  • Secretarial Compliance Services
  • Provision of registered office
  • Direct Tax Services
  • Indirect Tax Services
  • Immigration and Residence
  • Accounting Services
  • Payroll Services
  • Trademark and Patent Registration
  • Malta Yacht Registration

Company Formation

We are highly experienced at providing company formation services to organizations from across all business sectors throughout the world. We have an excellent track record of working efficiently to register companies and getting businesses operational, while providing a highly cost-effective solution that will support the administration of your Maltese registered company.

Through our expertise, we are able to draft tailor made Memoranda and Articles of Association, which will cater for our clients’ current and future needs.

Our services include:

  • Preparation and submission to The Registry of Companies of the pertinent documentation to set up a commercial partnership including limited liability companies and partnerships;
  • Advice and assistance in connection with other corporate issues;
  • Advice and assistance to clients in the preparation of the pertinent documentation for setting up in Malta of branches of foreign companies;
  • Preparation of the pertinent documentation in relation to the re-domiciliation of foreign companies to Malta;
  • Review of all documentation provided.

Secretarial Compliance Services

One of the statutory requirements of every registered company is that it must have a Company Secretary. M.Meilak & Associates company secretarial package will allow your company to meet this statutory requirement in an efficient and cost effective manner.

The company secretarial package includes:

  • Documentation of minutes of AGM and directors’ meetings
  • Statutory Returns
  • Draft Resolutions
  • Submission of Audited Accounts to the necessary legal entities.

Provision of registered office

All companies in Malta must have their registered office in Malta. We can provide you with your company’s registered office.

Direct Tax Services

We work closely with our clients to enable them to quickly react to tax-saving opportunities, structure core operations around tax-efficiency concepts, and help ensure compliance with applicable local, national, and international tax administrations.

We advise and assist private individuals seeking tax advice on cross border tax implications on employment income, business profits, passive income, capital gains and other income.

Our services include:

  • preparation and submission to the Maltese tax authorities of private and corporate income tax returns;
  • liaison with the Maltese tax authorities on various tax issues;
  • provision of written tax advice on various complex tax issues;
  • advice on the most tax efficient tax structures to set up taking into account the particular facts and circumstances of our clients;
  • tax computations on business profits, capital gains and other income;
  • advice on allowable deductions, exemptions, cross border tax issues, double taxation treaty considerations and tax planning opportunities;
  • dealing with local tax authorities to obtain advance revenue rulings.

Indirect Tax Services

We understand the challenge of effecting each transaction using the right indirect tax treatment and capturing the respective data required by the tax authorities. We provide a range of indirect tax services including vat compliance, vat planning and advice to identify potential problem areas to indirect tax planning. We also advise on duty on documents and transfers issues as well as issues related to customs, excise and international trade.

Our indirect tax services include:

  • assistance with VAT registration;
  • preparation and submission of VAT returns, recapitulative statements and Intrastat forms;
  • preparation and submission of other VAT forms such as refund applications;
  • computations of input vat in terms of Malta’s partial attribution rules;
  • advice and assistance with adjusting VAT returns;
  • advice and assistance in filing objections and appeals;
  • support in the course of tax audits or other investigations by tax authorities.

Immigration and Residence

We provide tailor made advice and assistance to our private clients to take up residence in Malta, both from an immigration and also from a tax perspective. We have been granted authorization by the International Tax Unit to act as an Authorized Registered Mandatory (ARM) to assist clients in preparing and submitting their applications for residence in Malta under one of the various tax residence schemes applicable to both EU and non EU nationals.

Our services include:

Accountancy Services

Accounting needs may vary. Some clients may need to prepare their accounts on a monthly basis, others every quarter, while others on a yearly basis. M.Meilak & Associates can offer tailor made solutions which will fulfill your accounting requirements. Our services include:

  • keeping proper books of accounts in accordance with Maltese legislation and International Financial Reporting Standards;
  • preparation of bank and other reconciliations as and when required;
  • preparation of periodical management accounts and other financial reports;
  • preparation of financial statements including year-end adjustments to be forwarded to the statutory auditors for auditing purposes;
  • liaising with the appointed company auditors in the carrying out of the audit of the statutory financial audit.

Payroll Services

Our payroll bureau services are tailor made to suit the needs of various types of businesses. We are able to processes payroll for any business size.

Services include:

  • setting up and maintenance of employee records;
  • audit of any existing payroll systems;
  • processing of payroll, either monthly, weekly, fortnightly or four-weekly;
  • mailing of payslips including company logo and other custom made specifications as may be required;
  • maintenance of leave records, including part-timers;
  • payroll Statutory Administration:
    • monthly FS5 Reports;
    • annual FS3 and FS7 returns and reconciliation;
    • registration of joiners and leavers with ETC;
    • advice on Human Resources Statutory compliance, including Sickness/Injury leave, maternity leave and overtime compilation;
    • salary Direct Credit compilation, in accordance with the client’s bankers format, with the option of submitting pay instructions direct to the bank;
    • keeping up to date with new legislation concerning labour, tax and social security and COLA adjustments;
    • automatic storage and backup of company payroll data;
    • payroll is processed using accredited software and is managed by trained and qualified staff.

Trademark and Patent Registration

Our services include:

  • registration of trademarks & patents in Malta and renewals;
  • community trademark registration and renewals;
  • identical and Similarity Malta and OHIM searches, company name searches, in use searches, owner searches and searches with legal opinion.

Malta Yacht Registration

  • registration of pleasure yachts in Malta whether as pleasure boats or commercial boats;
  • preparing and submission of applications for the Malta VAT Yacht Leasing Scheme.