investment migration globally

Investment Migration Amid & Post Pandemic

Many more countries are designing and setting up residence- and citizenship-by-investment programs to attract affluent investors and talent, thereby enriching nations with a significant and sustainable source of revenue without increasing debt to the detriment of future generations. Investment migration also provides individuals with security and stability, the ability to overcome the constraints of being limited to a single jurisdiction, and access to opportunities to expand their wealth portfolios. It is a sensible, sustainable approach that creates optionality — and certainly a win–win for states and investors alike.

economy restart scheme

Restart Incentive Scheme 2021

The Restart Incentive Scheme along with the “Psychological support to Entrepreneurs” are part of the economic regeneration plan to stimulate economic activity. Malta Enterprise has launched the scheme to support businesses that had to close due to the pandemic, by encouraging access to advisory services with a view to restarting business operations.

digital nomad beach

Malta Residence for Non-EU National Digital Nomads

A new temporary residency scheme has been launched for people who want to move to Malta but work remotely. The programme offers a six-month visa and an option of obtaining a one-year ‘Nomad Residence Permit’ and costs €300. To qualify, applicants must prove they are contracted to work remotely by a company based overseas, show that they run their own business or offer freelance service to clientele based abroad.